Brand Story


임성묵은 서울에서 활동하는 디자인 디렉터입니다. 그의 이름을 따 만든 브랜드 ‘Lim Sungmook’은 ‘역지사지, 정답(바른 답) 그리고 진심’ 이라는 세가지 가치를 제품에 담고자 합니다.

중성적이고 기능적인 제품을 현대적으로 풀어내어, 동시대를 살아가는 사람들과 함께 미래를 고민하는 브랜드 입니다.


Lim Sungmook is a design director working in Seoul. 'Lim Sungmook', the brand named after him, tries to put three values in the product : putting on the other's shoe, right answers, and sincerity. 

Brand ‘Lim Sungmook' that interprets neutral, functional products in a modern way, and considers the future with contemporary people.



Design Studio Lim Sungmook

Studio Portfolio Site



· 경영 이념 / Management Philosophy

더 나은 세상을 만들기 위한 생각

더 나은 세상을 만드는 사람들을 위한 디자인

Thought for making the world better

Design for the people who make the world better



· 정체성 / Identity

1. 역지사지 : 남을 이해하고 사업과 행동을 하는 것이 우리의 기본입니다.

    Walk in someone else's shoes : Understanding others is a basis of our business. 

2. 정답 : 정해진 답이 아닌, 바른 답을 찾고자 합니다.

    Answer : We are not looking for a fixed answer, but a correct one. 

3. 진심 : 우리가 하는 일에 진심을 다 하고자 합니다.

    Sincerity : We would like to work with all our heart.



· History


(Exhibition) TENT LONDON design fair ( Schedule : 9/21 ~ 9/24 )

(Exhibition) Maison & objet in Paris ( Schedule : 9/8 ~ 9/12 )

(PR) Kotra export exhibition in Osaka ( Schedule : 8/30 )

(PR) Kickstarter ( Schedule : 8/15 ~ 9/18 )

(S.P.) Kakao Global Startup Support Program Seletion

(Awards) Creative Consumer Goods Contest

               : Korean Minister of Design and Industry Award

(Fair) HOMI Milan Satellites 



(Awards) Korea Design Awards : Winner (Gold)

(Awards) Red Dot Design Awards : Design Concept Winner

(Awards) IF Design Awards Finalist

(Awards) New Makers Korea : Top Prize

(S.P.) Seoul Creative Economic Center Office

(S.P.) Seoul Forest UNDERSTAND AVENUE Show Room Open

(S.P.) KDB (Korea Development Bang) Startup Support : Winner

(S.P.) Korea International Trade Association : Export Company Selection

(S.P.) MIK ‘Made In Korea’ Conference & Networking Party

(Channel) Makers with kakao

(Promotion) Introduce in "Design Boom"

(Fair) G-Fair Korea

(Exhibition) Maak ‘Makers And Advances Korea’ 



(Awards) Kyungki Fabric Fusion Business Awards : Winner (Silver)

(S.P.) Customized Supporting Business Selection

(Fair) Seoul / Busan Design Festival : Upcoming Designer Selection & Exhibition

(Fair) G-Fair Korea

(Awards) Hongik UNIV. Startup Contest : Top Prize







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